1. Shipping and Customs

Parcels sent via EMS on average take 10-14 days. But sometimes this time may be extended due to holidays or passing additional control at the customs post. All customers are responsible for import duty, VAT, or other taxes outside of Kazakhstan, and these charges are not included in the cost of shipping. If your order is being held in customs, we recommend reaching out to your local customs agency for details on cost, and what additional information is needed to get your order released.
The age range in our sizing should be used as a guideline. Babies come in all shapes and sizes and there is no universal sizing to fit all. But luckily, knits are very stretchy! You will find that for most styles your pieces will last longer than the size range indicated. In each table, we indicate what height the size is suitable for. You can focus on these parameters. Another tip is to measure something you already own that fits well and compare those measurements with the ones listed on the product page. If you are unsure of what size to get, check out the size charts listed with each product or open a support ticket. We are always happy to chat with you.
For all our products we use only premium Baby Alpaca yarn, it is very soft and light. The yarn design is a barely noticeable polyamide mesh stuffed with alpaca down. This is a very delicate fluff, there are no long hairs, so the yarn does not prick. Even newborns wear our products.
The composition of the yarn is natural: 70% baby alpaca 23% polyamide 7% merino wool
OliviMilly cannot change orders or the shipping address after they have been sent for delivery. Please double check your address before placing an order. Changing the address for the order Exceptions to our address change policy can be made within 3 business days, in the case of a pre-order or a custom-made product.

1. Choose the thing you like and go to the product card (click on the photo of the model).

2. Set the necessary parameters of the product (size, configuration) and add it to the cart

3. Then you can either continue shopping or go to the shopping cart.

4. After adding all the necessary products, go to the "shopping cart" tab, then, if necessary, edit the quantity.

5. Choose the delivery and payment method

6. Fill in all the fields in the contact form and click "checkout"

If you still have any questions that you could not find out the answer to. You can always write us an email https://olivimilly.com/pages/contact The manager will process the request and respond to you within 3 working days.
Fill a washbowl with warm (not hot) water (30-40) and add a liquid detergent. Add the wool thing and carefully swish the garment around the washbowl without stretching the material. Allow to soak for 10 minutes. Remove as much excess water from the hat by rolling it into a ball and gently pressing-never wring out wool because the material could easily be stretched out of shape. Replace the soapy water with fresh, clean water and place the thing into the washbowl to rinse. To get rid of excess water, roll your garment up in a towel and gently press to absorb. Then, using a fresh towel, lay your garment out flat place until it dries completely.