Knitting Master

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What level of knitting is required?

It is enough to be able to type loops on knitting needles and knit with a facial surface. If you are good at knitting needles, then you will be a plus, but not necessarily. We will teach you all the necessary techniques.
Yes, you can work at home. After training, you will need to come to the workshop 1-2 times a week to bring finished products and pick up a new order from the company.
The payment of the masters is piecework. Depends on the size of the product. And from your working time per day. You can adjust your income level yourself, but speed and skill come with time.
Absolutely all masters need to be trained in order to work using our technology. Also, the yarn from which the products are knitted has its own characteristics. During the course, we teach you how to work with this material.

The course lasts 6 weeks and during this time you will need to come to the workshop 5-6 times.

All training takes place online on the platform of our school.

No, we only train masters who are going to work with us. After the interview and selection of masters, we conclude a training agreement with subsequent employment
Only the cities of Shymkent and Almaty

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